About Controlled Capture Systems

We believe there is no such thing as can't.

Controlled Capture Systems is a veteran owned small business that was founded to aid small and large businesses in making their new product lines a reality, by providing timely proof of concept prototypes to production ready designs. 

We provide project specific solutions in a complete and confidential manner. Since its inception, Controlled Capture Systems has helped many businesses in the production of presentation ready prototypes to full production products for manufacture. Our solutions include:

  • hardware, firmware, and software data acquisition development and interfacing.
  • software development for:
    • Android™
    • JAVA™
    • C#
    • Python
    • HTML5
    • Javascript
    • LabVIEW™
    • IMAQ™
    • Unity
    • OpenCV and other programming languages.
  • computer and micro-controller hardware selection and firmware development.
  • schematic capture, printed circuit layout, and prototype board services.
  • mechanical design, drafting and other documentation services.
  • image stitching, automated image detail measurement, and image processing.
  • image sequence to digital movie conversion and slow motion capture.
  • external sensor integration with triggered or timed monitoring for process data collection.
  • robotics systems and motion control design and integration.
  • design and manufacture of proof of concept to production systems for investor presentation.

We invite you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your project requirements and specifications. Together we will bring success and simplicity to your product dream. 


Controlled Capture Systems' mission is to provide the most accurate and cost effective solutions for our clients. 


Frederick (Rick) Fluck is the CEO and founder of Controlled Capture Systems. Mr. Fluck is a US Navy veteran with over 25 years experience in project management, software and hardware design and development, and product design engineering. He holds several issued and pending patents, including a joint patent with the DOE.

A note from Rick: I have been designing interface electronic circuits for various companies and systems since 1987, including printed circuit board layout. I started programming computers when I bought a kit from Radio Shack in 1977 and at high school on a Commodore PET. From there I have learned Basic, C, Perl, JAVA, HTML, css, xml, php and other web programming languages. I have many firmware languages under my belt for various micro-controllers. I currently enjoy programming with Android, LabVIEW, and IMAQ (both are graphical programming and image processing languages), and OpenCV -the mother of image processing languages. I enjoy metal and wood lathe turning and milling, following blueprints that I design in AutoCAD. I am trained in silversmithing and lost wax casting. I am a nuclear trained US Navy submarine veteran. 

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