AndroiDAQ for LabVIEW™ Data Acquisition DEMO© application

AndroiDAQ Robot


Now supports Bluetooth and WiFi for wireless data acquistion.


We are proud to introduce our newest LabVIEW™ application lbriary: AndroiDAQ DEMO (short for: Dream,  Engineer Manufacture, and Operate). Included with the AndroiDAQ prototyping development module are free unlimited downloads of this Open Source application*. With this application you can easily read the AndroiDAQ's digital states or measure the input frequencies of the input channels or pins, read the voltage levels from the Analog to Digital Converter, and/or set the output pins to digital high/low states or set the Numerically Controlled Oscillators (NCO) to start  outputting your desired output frequencies. The AndroiDAQ DEMO for LabVIEW library automatically detects an AndroiDAQ to USB connection, or the library can connect to the AndroiDAQ module, having the appropiate radio installed, wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi connection. The Open Source nature of our AndroiDAQ DEMO allows you to peruse the LabVIEW code to help you to quickly understand and learn how to send and receive data to and from the AndroiDAQ module for your own LabVIEW application. The AndroiDAQ firmware is also available to allow advanced users to modify its code to control how input and output functions interact within the AndroiDAQ module. This allows you to create innovative data acquisition tools and other circuits without the expense and necessity of having to develop hardware for your measurement instruments or robotic devices. This AndroiDAQ DEMO application is written in LabVIEW™. There are many books and Internet references to help you learn LabVIEW quickly. The firmware for AndroiDAQ module is written in Parallax's SPIN language, which is also easy to learn and use. 

Below is the user's interface screen that is used in the AndroiDAQ DEMO application.


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*specification may change without notice