Intellectual Property Development

"To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect." -Oscar Wilde

We are well versed in creating and protecting Intellectual Property and we can help you in this important step in product development.

Intellectual property does not only imply patents, trademarks, and copyrights, as many well-meaning business seminars and books lead small business owners to believe. Intellectual Property is: 

  • your product's mechanical and electrical blue prints and drawings,
  • your product's technical specifications and user manuals,
  • your product's circuit board schematics, circuitry layout, Gerber files, and films,
  • your wiring and harness diagrams used to build your product,
  • your product's development reports and test data obtained during the project,
  • your product's firmware and software source code, and
  • your products Bill of Materials. 

At the completion of your project, you will receive from us all of the above Intellectual Property pieces as a package, depending on your project's needs. We always provide our services in a confidential manner using Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements to help protect your Intellectual Property. We can also help you in writing up wording for a Provisional Patent Application specification. When choosing a systems integration service, it is the firm's experience that counts.